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The Ontario Provincial government announced that churches can re-open for worship on June 12th with physical distancing and at up to 30% of their capacity.  At Stouffville United our utmost concern is to ensure that we are a safe place for all our staff, volunteers and church members.  We know there are many vulnerable people in our community. Everything we do needs to minimize the risks of Covid19 for all of us.
Our Council has created a Re-Opening Team to ensure that our transition planning to re-open our facility and to begin in-person worship will consider all aspects of safety and that we communicate and adapt our plans as we move forward. 
We will be taking a cautious and careful approach to re-opening our building, after conferring with church leadership and our regional health authority experts.  We expect to receive further guidance from these groups in the weeks to come.
As we develop more detailed plans we will communicate them clearly with all of you on our website, News of the Week newsletter and during Worship at Home online announcements.
Our church has never been ‘Closed’.  We’ve been worshipping together, keeping connected with our community and helping each other during these unsettling times.  That won’t change.   For the near term we will be continuing our online worship services and activities.

Stouffville United Church
Re-opening Team
June 9, 2020

This is a difficult time for everyone in our community so we urge you to look out for your neighbour.  There are many people for whom  this will be an especially difficult time, either through isolation, lack of income or other concerns. We will be exploring ways that Stouffville United can provide  a caring community and stay connected even though we may not be physically together in the same place. 

If you have any concerns, please Contact Us.

A Big Thank You to the readers of the Stouffville Sun-Tribune that voted Stouffville United Church as the 2019 Readers’ Choice #1 Church/Temple.