June/July/August Theme: “Seekers After Jesus”
The “Seekers After Jesus” theme emphasizes a clue or clues each week about being followers of Jesus. The lessons celebrate the joy and challenge of lives spent exploring the mystery of God’s love for us, and God’s call to love others. The logo is a magnifying glass focused on Jesus. The glass brings Jesus up close to reveal the words, “come follow me.” We must search for clues about how to be followers of Jesus. We spend our lives exploring the mystery of how to live in God’s way.

Clue #1: Where We Find God

Clue #2: How Does God Work In Our World

Clue #3: Joining God In Creating Shalom

Clue#4: Give and You Will Receive

Clue #5: Take My Yoke Upon You

Clue #6: God’s Spirit Grows in Me

Clue #7: Weeds and Wheat Together

Clue #8: Glimpses of God’s Realm

Clue #9: Trust in God’s way

Clue #10 God is always with us

Clue #11: Live In Harmony

The Children’s Worship program strives to help our children build a strong foundation for a strong, lifelong relationship with God.  We are excited to be starting a new curriculum called Whole People of God.  This curriculum is divided into six units.  The first unit is Real World, Real Faith.  (Sep 1 – Oct 13, 2019) followed by Learning the Way (Oct 20 – Nov 28, 2019), Come Walk with Us (Dec 1, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020), Holy Ground (Jan 12 – Feb 23, 2020), The Tree of Faith (Feb 26 – Apr 10, 2020) and ending with Moving with the Spirit (Apr 12 – May 31, 2020).  Our Summer Session is- An Awesome Adventure (June 5 – Aug 31, 2020)   This new program focuses on teaching children of all ages how important it is to care for the earth, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself.   It allows children to connect faith to their lives and encourages them to use and broaden their creativity and imaginations.  Whole People of God is one inclusive program for the whole congregation by offering Bible stories at age appropriate levels.  The children begin upstairs in the Sanctuary with their families.  They have a few prayers, sing some hymns and have a short Children’s Time with Rev. Elizabeth.  Then the children ages 3 – 12 proceed downstairs for Children’s Worship.  

Our children are divided by age into two groups that are learning a similar lesson at age appropriate levels – ages 3 – 7 and 8 – 12.  We encourage those children 12 and older to help take on a leadership role once a month in the 3 – 7 class.  Classes have similar themes, offered at different levels and have varying activities each week.  We have games, crafts, science experiments, cooking, songs, prayers, and also some nature walks.

Each group begins with a gathering time that includes prayers, singing, and a time to connect life and the weekly theme.  This is followed by a creative telling of the focus Bible story.  Following the story discussion time, we respond with variety of activities that could include drama, cooking, science, and creative arts.  Children’s worship lessons are facilitated by our adult volunteers leaders, coordinated by our Children’s Worship leader, Lisa Harvey. 

We also have special events throughout the year that we provide for the children to strengthen their friendships with each other. These may include Laser Quest, movie/ game nights, the wave pool, and mini golf. Upcoming Events

The children also perform a pageant every Christmas for the congregation, as well as their friends and family. This is always a huge hit!

As well, in the summer we have a week-long Vacation Bible Camp, with different themes each year which the children thoroughly enjoy!

We look forward to introducing you and your family to our exciting program! Further information can be found at www.wholepeopleofgod.com.

If you would like further details about Children’s Worship or events, you can email
Children’s Worship Coordinator: Lisa Harvey at lharvey@stouffvilleuc.ca
Christian Development Chair: Marlene Geremia at mgeremia@stouffvilleuc.ca

A NOTE ABOUT OUR VOLUNTEERS – The safety and care of children is very important to us, so we ask all volunteers to provide us with a level one police check (VSS-vulnerable Sector Screening).