Stouffville United Rental Rates – September 1, 2019




Montessori Large Rm

Capacity 81 seated 102 standing

$85.00 per use (~4 hours)

Montessori Small Rm

Capacity – common sense (approx. 20) 

$60.00 per use (~4 hours)

Davis Room

Capacity 56 seated 75 standing

$60.00 per use (~4 hours)

Friendship Room

Capacity – common sense (approx. 25) 

$60.00 per use (~4 hours)


Capacity 227 seated 288 standing   

  • $125.00 for part of day – morning/afternoon/night (4 hours)
  • $200.00 for a full day (8 hours)

Downstairs Kitchen

(must be rented with a lower room, no cooking) 


Upstairs Kitchen

(must be rented with an upper room, no cooking)  



Capacity – Main level 296
Balcony 48 (all fixed seating)

$400.00 per use  


  • Caretaker fee
  • Organist fee


Piano Recitals:                    

  • Caretaker fee



  • Minister fee  
  • Organist fee  
  • Caretaker fee
  • Sanctuary fee    
  • Total   


AV Operator  

$25.00/hr ($50.00 min)

Bulletins for event       


Catering Service or Serving Food

Upon availability, the United Church Reception Team may be able to provide refreshments in the Auditorium at Stouffville United Church for a fee per person (depending on food requested) and an Auditorium fee of $125.00.  Contact the office for availability and a quote.

Upon availability, the Auditorium and Downstairs Kitchen of Stouffville United Church may be rented by the family to provide their own refreshments for a fee of $50.00 for the Kitchen and $125.00 for the Auditorium.  Use of Church silverware and dishware is not included.

NB: All rates are subject to, change without notice and adjustment based on the necessities of the individual rental.

NB: All rentals are handled by the Booking Team.  Please fill in a Booking Form on the Stouffville United web site under the About Us: Bookings and Rental  tab. Paper form available at church to email to the or drop it into the office. 

NB: The Church operates under the same garbage restrictions as a house (3 bags every two weeks).  Thus renters are STRONGLY encouraged to limit garbage by recycling or using items that can be Green Binned or Blue Boxed.