MESSY CHURCH AT HOME – God’s Promise – AUGUST 31, 2020

We have truly enjoyed offering MESSY CHURCH At Home to you online each Monday this summer. We have loved the stories, recipes, crafts and MESSY SCIENCE.

We hope you enjoy this MESSY CHURCH At Home. We would love to see photos of your activities.
God Bless
Messy Church Team

This fall, we will return to our once a month MESSY CHURCH fun. We look forward to our MESSY CHURCH At Home on September 18th. May God who loves you bless you and keep you safe. Amen

Messy Church theme today is ‘God’s promise’ and our symbol is the rainbow.

The rainbow is an old symbol – in the book of Genesis the rainbow shows Noah that God promises are true, and that it is a sign of God’s everlasting covenant between God and all living being on earth (Gen 9:16).

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