The Children’s Worship program strives to help our children build a strong foundation for a lifelong relationship with God.  We are excited to be using Seasons of the Spirit curriculum in our Children’s Worship program.  Seasons of the Spirit resources are divided into four seasonal packages, following the cycle of the seasons of the Church year. Each year’s materials begin with Season of Creation, Pentecost 2 (1st Quarter, September—November). It is followed by Advent, Christmas, Epiphany (2nd Quarter, December—February).  Next cycle is Lent, Easter (3rd Quarter, March—May) and ends with Pentecost 1 (4th Quarter, June—August). 

The program focuses on supports and encourages stewardship and care of the earth.  It allows the children to connect faith to their lives and it nurtures their imagination and creativity.  Seasons of the Spirit program is one inclusive program for the whole congregation by offering Bible stories and discussions at a varying age appropriate level. 

The children begin each service in the sanctuary with their families.  Following a few prayers, a hymn and a Children’s Time with Reverend Elizabeth, the children between the ages of 3 to 11 proceed downstairs to their Children’s worship program. 

Our children are divided by age into two groups to learn a similar lesson but at different age appropriate levels – age 3-6 and from ages 7-11.   We encourage our 12 year olds and older to take on a youth leader role in our preschool and children’s classes.  Each group begins with a gathering time that includes prayers, singing, and a time to connect life and the weekly theme.  This is followed by a creative telling of the focus Bible story.  Following the story discussion time, we respond with variety of activities that could include drama, cooking, science, and creative arts.  Children’s worship lessons are facilitated by adult volunteers lead by our coordinator, Lisa Harvey. 

Each month we have a special event for the children to continue to strengthen friendships through our program.  Activities include movie and games night, mini-golf day, themed celebration night (Valentine’s), summer picnic, laser quest, nativity play and a week long vacation summer camp.  (link to events)?

We look forward to introducing you and your children to our program.

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A NOTE ABOUT OUR VOLUNTEERS – The comfort and safety of your children are very important to us.  With this in mind, we require all of our adult volunteers to undergo Level 1 police check.

Nursery Care is available for children age 2 and younger in the Friendship Room.


Our youth meet every Sunday in the Friendship Room with Rev. Elizabeth.  From 12 Noon to 1 pm, we share a meal, talk about God, and think of good things to do for people in our church and in our community.   We plan outings whenever we can!   Grades 6 to 12!


Nursery care is available in the Friendship Room for children age 2 and younger, at any point during worship.
Our greeters would be pleased assist you.